Sierra Cascades Day 2: South Lake Tahoe to Graeagle

It’s a good day of bike touring when your only what-if is whether you should have eaten dinner on a picnic table at the Tastee Freeze or held out for the possibility of finer fare down the road.

Felkerino and I eased our way out of South Lake Tahoe and after a few miles of flat we ascended and switch-backed our way above the lake, giving us a good view of Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July.

Leaving South Lake Tahoe

Shutterbug tourists, hikers, boat people, sun bathers, mountain bikers, vacationing families. I had never seen such diverse 4th of July activity. Is this mountain lake culture?

There was vacation energy on all sides and I found it infectious despite the crowds. The crowds actually made it easier to ride the road around the lake; it was like vacation rush hour.

That doesn’t mean Felkerino and I weren’t glad to leave the lake behind and descend into Truckee. We were. Quiet areas are more in line with our vacation preferences.

Our stop in Truckee was longer than anticipated due to a broken spoke we experienced because of ALL OUR CLIMBING TORQUE. Whatever the real cause, we headed to the local shop for a fix. Cyclepaths bike shop replaced the spoke and carefully retentioned our rear wheel on the spot. 

Cyclepaths at work on our wheel

We headed out of town along the rises of Highway 89 until we reached the town of Graegle. After some heated discussion, the Tastee Freeze became our dinner stop. The food was as expected and I think Felkerino now fears every meal will be at the town ice cream shop. Not true, I say. You’ll see.

Tastee Freeze

Our hotel for the night was five or six miles past Graeagle- up the hill, of course. Ah well, makes for an easy out the following day. 106 miles and in by dark on the 4th of July. I’ll take it.


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