Area Woman Stops Blogging for One Month. Here’s What Happened…

Lately it feels like life is running on ahead of me at a pace I cannot match. I try to catch up, and my life skips easily away. Just as my life reaches the other side of the street, the stoplight turns red and halts me. Life ambles forward.

Optimal velocity is difficult to achieve and sustain. Rather, it happens for me sporadically, and the rest of the time I wish things were different from either side of the ideal.

This perpetual sensation of not keeping up, of maintaining an unusually high personal speed, created discomfort and frustration. Greater demands in one area of my life meant that something had to go. Additional time in front of a computer while I wrote for pleasure was what I gradually and temporarily erased from the day-to-day.

Even though I think I made the right choice in doing so, I miss spending time here. Chasing Mailboxes has been a space to write unabashedly about cycling and running around the city. It’s a far cry from the writing I do in my work, and I consistently find it freeing.

This little blog has had the unexpected benefit of connecting me to others who share my interests. It’s been rewarding to see the blog gather a regular readership over time, and to engage in virtual conversations with people. Occasionally, we even happen to meet in real life.

August night ride

I can’t believe all the content, posts, and memories that have accumulated here over the last six years. Chasing Mailboxes is a second home to me.

This post may not make sense to everyone. Most people understand that a personal blog is an on-your-own-terms affair. But that’s the thing. Once I started blogging, I did apply my own terms. Recently I’ve had to change those, and it has taken some time to accept them.

Taking a break from the blog has not been all bad. It’s been satisfying to experience riding and running as solely acts of the moment, rather than activities of reflection as well. It’s by stepping away that I also remembered what I love about blogging.

And I’m glad I didn’t write posts without any heart in order to adhere to some self-imposed schedule. I may not be a great writer, but over the years I’ve earnestly been attempting to show you the heart behind these words.


  1. Understandable that one needs to take a break from the digital handcuffs sometimes, just don’t go too far away as we miss you!


  2. I totally understand! I’ve cut back to once a week because I’ve got other stuff going on beyond blogging. I enjoy writing but I enjoy other things too – and honestly, sewing has become a bit all intensive! I enjoy your blog too, though, and will be here waiting to read whenever you write.


  3. Just as there are seasons in the year, so are there seasons of the soul, and it is best to attend to them. As you have done. Remarkable photograph, bravo!


  4. When anything starts to feel like a burden, it’s time for a break. It’s not as if you can’t return, or post sporadically as the mood & events feel right. Enjoy the holiday.

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  5. Every so often I’ve thought about starting a blog and then I remember how little time I’d have to devote to it. Thanks for devoting your time to your blog, it is a Good Thing in the world. And the world sure needs Good Things!


  6. I feel ya. I haven’t been blogging much this summer. I have been keeping busy with stuff, but I don’t always have the energy to do a report that essentially says “I rode my bike here.” I know it’ll come back, esp. when the weather turns cooler, but right now I’m trying to not stress out about it.

    And to change the subject slightly, I am definitely excited about Coffeeneuring coming up soon!


  7. I’ve been on the road a bit lately, but I’d wondered what happened when I didn’t see anything new here. Glad you’re still OK!


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