Kremmling to Winter Park

All of the tension has been pedaled out of my body. I’m so relaxed that I could ride more miles or just as easily take a nap. Right now I have my feet up and wonder if we can buy a recumbent tandem before tomorrow, it feels so good.


Today’s ride from Kremmling to Winter Park was a short 46-mile jaunt on tired legs. A little sun joined us in the morning, but overall we rode under the clouds and entered Fraser and Winter Park in light rain.

After days of blazing sun and warmth I was cool. I think it was low 60s all day. Perfect riding weather, really, if not overly summery.

Outskirts of Kremmling

Our route along the wide shoulder of US 40 trended consistently up, with quite a few rollers along the way. 

Byers Canyon

The crosswinds and traffic made the day noisy at times, but it was a mostly unremarkable day on the bike, with the exception of a morning meander through Byers Canyon. Blue sky and sun were still hanging out with us on the section, adding to the canyon’ s rocky beauty.

Just outside Granby

It’s funny to reach to point of a ride where fatigue has taken hold, and little aches manifest here and there, but none of it seems like a big deal. 

Rain starts falling and we sigh and shrug on jackets. No big deal. It’s not idyllic, but we brought the gear for the elements. We put it to use and keep pedaling.

Headed to Winter Park

Our bodies have proven their durability yet again. Good job, bodies! You can rest up next week!

Thanks for riding along with us!

Today as we rode, I thought about all of you who have followed us on our bike tour via Instagram and/or the blog. It’s been heartening, knowing that you are checking in on our tandem team and cheering us along. 

Thank you for reading and being part of our meander in and around the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. 

One day left.


  1. It’s 10pm here in DC. I just stepped outside to get something out of the car. It’s still a HOT muggy 85+ degrees. ENJOY your time where you are, flies and mosquitoes and all! It will be a lovely, cool memory soon! Loving reading your joy of the many moments (or at least those recorded!)

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  2. MG We hope that the cooler temps and rain we had last night if Colorado Springs were also enjoyed up north. We have enjoyed your journey and phenomal gift as a narrator. Wishing you many more long bike rides.
    PS I may e mail you later about tandems as someone at my house thinks we need one.
    Joe and Paula


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