Errandonnee 2021 Grand Patch Prize!

The time to unveil the grand patch prize for the 2021 Errandonnee has arrived!

This edition recognizes the back to basics nature of this year, a time when many of us are more focused on simple moments close to home.

Errandonnee 2021: Hyperlocal and back to basics

This year’s prize is made up entirely of basic shapes – three triangles, two circle, and a rectangle – in three bright colors you might pull out of the Crayon 8-pack. The hues have a retro vibe.

The Errandonnee patch also communicates motion. We must keep moving forward as we can. Because most people include riding as part of their Errandonnee, the prize is bicycle-based. I plan to expand that next year to recognize the multi-modal aspects of active transportation.

As noted on the original Errandonnee 2021 post, patches are $6 shipped in the U.S. and $7 everywhere else on Earth. I hope you like this sweet patch as much as I do. It will put a pop of color on your pannier or wherever you choose to display it. At 2.75” wide and 1.75” tall, this year’s Errandonnee badge is relatively petite, giving you plenty of options for placement. 

The Errandonnee patch looks great with the pink bag!

Meanwhile, back to our regular Errandonnee programming. Submissions are coming in and other Errandonnees are under way. 

You have until June 30 to get your Errandonnee in the books – plenty of time to take on this active transportation challenge. Full rules here. I hope you give it a go, you won’t regret it! 


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