Other Writing

Since starting randonnduring in 2005, I’ve written a variety of ride reports. They’ve appeared in various places, and I’ve tried to track them down and feature them on this page.

Many of these stories, ride reports, and other items of randonneuring interest you can find on The Daily Randonneur, a blog written and curated primarily by my randonneur and real-life spouse Felkerino.

To read any of the stories, please click the corresponding link.

MG Thursdays. Ruminations on various randonneuring and cycling themes.

PBP 2011 (c) Greg Conderacci

1200K and 1000K Stories

Randonneur Lifestyle shot on the DC Randonneurs 600K

600K Reports

400K Brevet Writeups

300K Ride Reports

2012 Fleche Team (c) Bill Beck

Flèche Tales

Write-ups about Permanents

Other Rides that Deserved a Report

Bike Reviews

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