Rawland Nordavinden Update: 44-Mile Shakedown Ride

A few weeks ago, fellow #BikeDC’er Hyunoo came over to test ride my new Rawland Nordavinden. Since bikes like Rawlands are hard to come by for test rides I was happy to help him out in deciding 1. if the Nordavinden was “the right bike” and 2. what size frame set to purchase.

Rawland Nordavinden

Seeing Hyunoo take the bike for a quick spin and really enjoy it (he ended up purchasing a frame of his own, which he is now building up) made me want to take the Rawland for a real shakedown ride. A few days later, Felkerino and I took our singles on a rolling 44-mile ramble from D.C. out to Maryland to accomplish just that.

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New Bike Day! Rawland Nordavinden

Felkerino and I celebrated New Bike Day at the Dining Room Bike Shop this past weekend. New Bike Day New Bike Day!

This edition was particularly exciting, as 1. the bike was for me; and 2. I purchased the frame and fork in June of last year, but took another ten months to get the parts for the bike in order.

The bike I purchased is a Rawland Nordavinden, designed by Rawland Cycles out of Danvile, California. Unlike the Rawland dSogns that Felkerino and I own which are a mix between a mountain and cross bike, the Nordavinden is meant to be a fast-ish touring “all road” bicycle.

Rawland Nordavinden
Photo by Felkerino

While I think it could be a little duplicative of my Rivendell Romulus in some ways, the Nordavinden appealed to me for several reasons.

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