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Friday Coffee Club Turns Three

Today we celebrated three years since that first tweet from Felkerino introducing Friday Coffee Club, a weekly D.C. meetup of commuting cyclists around the area.

FCC turns 3-Lisa Ed

Three full years, and we’re still meeting and enjoying morning beverages together. I don’t want to overanalyze the reasons why people continue to come to Friday Coffee Club, but I’ll throw a few thoughts onto the page.

No confusion. Friday Coffee Club is every week, same time, same place.

FCC Kirstin

FCC 3rd anniv

People invite their friends to go on a bike ride that ends at Friday Coffee Club.

Pete and Ed

You can exchange notes with other commuters without a 140-character limit.

FCC Outside edition

Bicycle window shopping.

Bike inspection FCC

An opportunity to stop and see friends you might only otherwise cross in passing.

B and Ted

Friday Coffee Club boasts the shortest group ride ever– the weekly rollout through the White House Plaza.

FCC rollout

There’s coffee, and latte art if you’re lucky. Swing’s has been good to us.

FCC latte art

Oh, and of course, many photo ops.

FCC Peter-Swings

Here’s to another great year of a.m. fellowship at Friday Coffee Club. Thank you, BikeDC.

Friday Coffee Club Turns Two


Can you believe it? Two full years of Friday Coffee Club.


Thanks to Felkerino for starting it all, and to #bikeDC for keeping it going strong.


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Friday Coffee Club!

Photo credit to Felkerino for the top two pics.

The National Bike Challenge and Teams Friday Coffee Club

You may or may not know this, but the National Bike Challenge happened. The goal of the challenge was to get more people out riding their bikes and logging their miles. The League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Endomondo sponsored the three-month event, which took place from June 1-August 31.

Specifically, the challenge sought to engage more than 50,000 riders, and hoped to accumulate a grand total of 10 million miles through everyone’s participation.

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Bike to Work Day and #FridayCoffeeClub

This past Friday, the D.C. area celebrated Bike to Work Day. We had perfect sunny weather and only a hint of cool air in the morning so lots and lots of people (over 12,000, according to some reports) took advantage of the bike holiday. I don’t know how those numbers compare to the regular commute crowd, but it seems reasonable to say that a sponsored Bike to Work Day draws a lot more people than a regular bike to work day.

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Building Community, Bicycle Style: #fridaycoffeeclub

Whenever I ride around town, I usually see a number of other cyclists out and about, but I seldom have the opportunty to interact with them, except for a wave or maybe a passing smile. We’re all managing the complexities that come with urban riding and trying to get somewhere.

On the Morning Commute

Thanks to Twitter, flickr, and the local bike-centric blogs, however, I’ve come to know several cyclists who are part of the #bikeDC scene. I read about where they’ve ridden or what their recent commutes were like. I see photos of their bikes. I know what kind of gear they’re using, or what cycling-related issues are on their mind.

Being in touch with people this way gives me a feeling of community, even though our primary space of interaction is virtual.

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