Extra Credit to This Week’s Commuters

Is the sun on a collision course with Earth?  It sure feels like it!

It’s hot. I’m going single speed with sandals.

Temperatures this week have been rising and staying in the triple digits — yes, triple!  According to Dan Stillman of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang:

yesterday’s highs of 102 at National and 100 at Dulles were one and two degrees short of the respective record highs for the day, while BWI’s 105 broke the old record of 101.

This has been making the rides to and from work this week extra memorable, at least until that part of my memory fries out from the swelter.

This morning Felkerino and I took in a lap on Hains Point and discovered that it is currently being irrigated with Potomac River water. Yummy!

Hains Point: Damp, Questionably Sanitary, and Oddly Pleasant

Despite the annoyance of the occasional splash in the face and the knowledge that a bike cleaning looms in my future, I must admit the sprinkling made the riding more temperate.

While the heat has made the roads and trails clearer of cyclists and walkers, there are still numerous hardcore commuters making their way around town this week.

Is he wearing linen?! That is amazing!

Extra credit to all of you! Let’s all be extra nice to each other (it’s easy to get cranky in this heat, you know) and hope this heat doesn’t last too too long.


  1. You’re just getting a taste of Arizona season. Our temps are always that high, and around this time, so is our humidity. Quit your cryin! Could be worse. You could live in a desert. ahahahahaa


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