Washington DC

Slowdown Commutes in D.C.

This past month I participated in 30 Days of Biking, a challenge to ride one’s bike every day in April. In all, I rode 28 of 30 days. I made the 30 Days of Biking pledge because I was in a bike commute slump I could not shake.

Flow Like Water

The fleeting pink and white blossoms cover the city. Sun shines and spring breezes blow. Families and field trips congregate on our sidewalks. And hey, how about those tour buses! Yes, it’s cherry blossompalooza in Washington, D.C. In previous years I dreaded this scenario. But thanks to my regular midday runs that […]

D.C. Iced Over

A week of freezing weather fostered some icy ambience in the city. We’ve all been out taking cell phone pictures of the Potomac River’s icy overlay on our bike commutes.

Furlough Daze in Washington, D.C.

I still find it hard to believe that it’s been over a week since the government shutdown began. After two days of riding my Bike Friday Tikit, I left it at the Dining Room Bike Shop for some derailleur work. The staff said they would get to it “sometime,” and […]

Government Shutdown: Get Off My Lawn!

The government shutdown continues, much to many of our dismay. Also, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is in full swing, much to many of our great delight! Today I did a six-mile shutdown run (all activities will hereby be prefaced with “shutdown” until this ends, I tell you), which took me near […]

Shutdown Diaries: Leesburg Loop via the C&O

To help manage my shutdown anxiety I have spent the last couple of days away from the television, the computer, and the depressing barricaded and closed areas of downtown. I’m also trying to get in some exercise. After all, I want my work clothes to still fit when this $%&! […]