Rain Welcome, but Timing Needs Improvement

Did you know that in the past six days, the Washington, D.C., area has received over 3.77 inches of rain? Capitol Weather Gang told me so!

It’s Raining Again

I’m glad the area is getting rain because apparently we are at the beginnings of a drought. However, I do have an issue with the timing of the recent precipitation, as it seems to coincide precisely with the moment that I step outside. I’m trying not to take it personally.

Last night’s commute home?  Downpour. This morning’s commute began dry, and two blocks after I left my house proceeded to devolve into a steady drizzle. The return trip seemed to promise no rain, but as I arrived on the National Mall so did my long lost buddy, the rain.

The upside of today’s afternoon commute was that, near the World War II Memorial, I ran into two hardcore commuters. Their names were Mr. and Mrs. ???? and they were riding two great bikes (with fenders, yay!).

Sharp-looking Soma. Fenders and Ortlieb. I approve.
Beautiful Independent Fabrication. Love these panniers!

I need to improve my blogging skills, as I was so taken with their bikes and dedication to the commute that I completely forgot to ask their names.  I quickly took their pictures and then we all rode off into the rain with hopes that we had just experienced a passing shower.

The skies did clear, the humidity cranked up, and the sun finally emerged. Hello, sun! Where were you at 5:30? I pedaled a few extra miles on the Surly LHT to enjoy the afternoon rays and then headed for home.

The Long Haul Trucker in the Rain

One comment

  1. At least you took their picture. I always get the person’s name, forget to take a photo, then forget their name.

    I got caught in the rain quite a few time in the past week or so and couldn’t be happier. I love getting to play in the rain as an adult. Also, you’ll never see a more smiles on the trail than you do when it’s raining.

    One more thing, that is sweet LHT you got there. I am in super man/gear love with mine. (not in a creepy way)


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