The Lincolnometer

Summer is on, people.  How do I know?  The Lincolnometer tells me so.

What’s the Lincolnometer, you ask?  It is a gauge of what’s going on with tourism and to some degree, the weather, in Washington, D.C. The Lincolnometer is largely based on the people lurking around the Lincoln Memorial at any given moment.  The Lincoln Memorial is ideal for assessing tourist activity (and the weather) because:

  1. It is outdoors.
  2. The Lincoln is a must-see on the monument tour.
  3. It is a regular running and commuter zone.
  4. The Lincoln Memorial is so big that, even if your vision isn’t very good, you can still use the Lincolnometer.
  5. Many people hang out at the Lincoln, thanks to the ample sitting space on the steps and surrounding area.

Check out the Lincolnometer for yourself.

Photo A.:  What do you gather about this moment at the Lincoln?

(Note: Click on the respective photo to see its details and to find out if your assessments are on target.)

Photo A. The Lincolnometer

Photo B:  OK, how about this one?

Photo B. The Lincolnometer again.

Photo C: What can you ascertain from the scene in Photo C?

Photo C at the Lincolnometer

Excellent. And here is a final photo for your guessing pleasure.

Photo D: A last look at the Lincolnometer.

Photo D of the Lincolnometer

In truth, the Lincolnometer has limited practical value.  By the time you see what’s going on at the Lincoln, you’ve already made it out into the elements.  Nevertheless, it’s a fun way to get a sense of what’s happening with the tourist population in the city, and it always tells the truth about the weather!

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