Post-1000K Walking

Since the recent Endless Mountains 1000K, I haven’t pedaled one bit. Residual knee pain and general fatigue are the culprits. Knee pain is the randonneur superhero’s kryptonite, I’ve decided.

On my walk home today, I was feeling pretty washed up. Why do I do these rides, I wondered to myself. Sure, I get out of a few days of housework, but is it worth it?

Then I passed by Freedom Plaza.

Fountain at Freedom Plaza. U.S. Capitol in the background.

Any self-pitying thoughts flew out of my mind as I took in the beauty of the rainbow residing in the fountain. The bright sun, clear day, and little bit of moisture flying out of the fountain were just what I needed to brighten my spirits. (I also took the bus home, I think that helped, too!)

I enjoyed a great day on foot in Washington, D.C. I didn’t answer the question about why I do these long rides, but that’s ok. I have many more days and walks home to ponder that.

Why do randonneurs do these rides, the lady ponders.

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