Randonneur Paparazzi and the Civil War Tour 200K

Felkerino and I had a great time at the D.C. Randonneurs Civil War 200K on Saturday. We didn’t do any pedaling, either. Instead we volunteered, took pictures (along with our RBA, Bill Beck) and spent a fantastic day on rural roads and Civil War battlefields.

Randonneur Paparazzi, Justin and Ed
The Paparazzi Await your Arrival in Gettysburg

Bill organized a great ride, and picked a spectacular day for the randonneurs. Well done, Bill!

Want to see what you missed OR find out if you made it into my photo set? Click on the picture below.

9/18/10 Civil War Tour 200K

As I said, Felkerino was also snapping a lot of shots, and his set is here. Thanks to all the riders for the great photo opportunities, and to Bill Beck for letting us help out with the ride.

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