No, silly, I’m not talking about the black and white animals you see at the zoo eating bamboo.  I’m talking about “panda portraits,” photos you take of yourself while riding your bicycle.

Felkerino worming his way into my Panda

Panda portraits are one of the best ways to memorialize your participation on bike rides. You can’t always be relying on the rando-paparazzi. Sometimes you must be your own shutterbug.

Once I mastered the basic panda portrait, I decided to take it to a new level. I started working on my DANGER PANDA! A danger panda is like a regular panda, except you take both hands off the bars. That’s right, it’s a no-handed panda shot.

I like to provide clear evidence of my danger pandas so I tend to use the following two techniques.

Representing D.C. Randonneurs. Mom, please read my blog!

In the above example, both hands are clearly touching the camera. Danger panda success! Below is my second danger panda technique.

Hands Free. Yes, another Danger Panda!

In this shot, I’ve made sure to have my non-camera hand visible in the photo, removing all doubt regarding my danger panda capture. Danger pandas are not for everybody, but I like ’em, and I always do my photo shoots on lightly traveled roads.

Have you been wondering if I’ve been out on my bike? Wonder no longer. I’ve got the pandas to prove it!


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