Have you met my flickr friend, Pedro Gringo?

I have somewhat of an addiction to flickr.

  • Memorializing your bike ride? flickr.
  • Finding out what cycling is like in other places? flickr.
  • Checking out new bikes? flickr.
  • Meeting new randonneur paparazzi? flickr
  • Panda photos? flickr.

The site is a visual treasure trove.

As my interest in bike by shooting has grown, I’ve connected to many other cyclists through flickr. One of my Washington, D.C., favorites is Pedro Gringo.

He appears to have a few commuting bikes, but my favorite is his pink Surly Steamroller.

Pedro Gringo on flickr

Pedro Gringo (pretty sure that is not his real name) is a daily D.C. commuter who is on a mission to educate himself about our city. During every bike commute, he takes a picture of a memorial or some other article of interest in the downtown D.C. area. It’s pretty cool, and I love seeing the city through his eyes.

Because of Pedro Gringo, I’ve learned about historic telephone call boxes, memorials I didn’t know existed, Sonny Bono Memorial Park, and what the city looks like really early in the morning.

Thanks, Pedro Gringo. Maybe someday we’ll run into each other on the commute. I kind of doubt it, though. You’re too much of an early rider riser for me!


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