Treasure! Velo Orange Mixte

This week, a present arrived for me.

Velo Orange

What? A present for me?! What could it be…

VO Box Contents

It looks like…

Opening the box

It is…

Unpacking the frame and fork

A bike!!!  A NEW BIKE!!!! Just what I always wanted!

Velo Orange Mixte Frame and Fork

I was defiitely NOT in the market for another bicycle frame, but when Velo Orange ran a recent promotion on its Mixte frames, I decided I had to have one. Some opportunities are just too good to pass up.

Now I just hope it plays well with the other bike residents.

Ed introduces the Velo Orange Mixte to the Surly LHT. Just kidding! We were mocking up sizing :).


  1. Nice…I was eyeing one up myself, but discretion (and the need to address sundry household debacles) proved the better part of valour.


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