Brrr! Cold Weather Riding!

Hi, everybody. Remember the good old days of fall riding? Well, I think they are over! Time to haul out the winter wool, booties, and heavier gloves. Maybe even the balaclava. As for me, I’m heading to Florida. Ha!

Ray and Mike near Harpers Ferry

Saturday, Felkerino and I made it out with a few friends for a mostly cloudy 90 miles. I felt duped by the weather people as they had been predicting sun all day, and a high of 49 degrees. That was a good laugh.

Clouds were plentiful and the temps stayed in the low 40s. We even saw a few flurries. I need to stop putting my faith in weather forecasts. When will I learn?

Nevertheless, our little group enjoyed a pleasant and fairly hilly 90-mile ride out of Poolesville, Md. Our first destination? The savory Beans in the Belfry Coffee Shop in Brunswick, Md. Yum!

Morning Coffee at Beans in the Belfry

While enjoying our morning cups of coffee, we were approached by a local reporter who wanted to feature our group for his regular “Cyclist of the Week” column. So maybe we will achieve some level of fame in Brunswick, Maryland. Fingers crossed!

Holiday Time at Beans in the Belfy

We then meandered the ups and downs near the Potomac River over to Harpers Ferry and on to Sherpherdstown, West Virginia for lunch.

Barn outside of Shepherdstown, WV
Felkerino and me at the Blue Moon Cafe

After some delicious Yin and Yang at the Blue Moon Cafe, we made our way back to Poolesville via GaplandGathland State Park and the ever-popular Marlu Ridge.

Gathland State Park

We also met a friend, Mighty Tailwind, who helped push us back to our starting point. It was great to spend time with you, Mighty Tailwind, and I hope we meet up again soon.

Mike, enjoying the tailwind and a little afternoon sunlight.

Links to my photo set from the PooBrunShepGap ride are here. Felkerino took some good shots, too, and they are located at this link.

Have a great week, all, and stay warm!


  1. Nice blog. I’m a female cyclist who has a utility blue, LHT, and a Mixte (old panasonic).
    Your blog is nice. Steve Martin at posts a link to your blog, and that’s how I found you. I’d love to cycle with some of the folks whose blogs I read.
    Is 90 miles a typical ride for you? 65 is fairly typical for me once a week, as a continuous ride. It seems harder this time of year to get in as many miles.
    Anyway, just thought I’d introduce myself. My hubster and I are often looking for fun rides. So I watch the blogs in the area.


  2. hi mary!
    i’m always so grateful for you and ed and your photographic talents! — and for being fun to ride with…
    it was fun in spite of the mighty headwind, before it became a mighty tailwind!


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