What Makes December Cycling Fun

Balaclava, Booties, and Lobsters. Oh my!

Is it the balaclavas, booties, and lobster gloves? Think again. December is a fun month for commuting in Washington, D.C. because the streets and paths of the city become scarcely populated and the city brings out its holiday lights and decor to celebrate the season.

It’s also a great month to be a cyclist for a lot of other reasons.

1. You can decorate your bike.

Ron and Barb’s Burley, decked out for the holiday. (c) RW Anderson

2. You can wear a festive helmet cover.

Santa Hat “Helmet Cover”

3. You can take pictures of your bike under a beautiful tree.

Quickbeam at the 7th Street Landing Christmas Tree

4. You might run into holiday festivities during your ride.

Coming upon the Georgetown Holiday Festival during a Ride

5. You get to ride by both the White House and the Capitol Christmas trees!

Randonneur Salute at the Capitol Christmas Tree

Yes, December is a great time to be a cyclist in Washington, D.C. And while the balaclavas, booties, and lobster gloves may not be the fun part of December riding, they certainly make it more comfortable!

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