Tree Decorating, Bicycle Style

Bicycle Ornaments

The past several days, Felkerino and I have been hard at work on the 12 Days of Randonneurmas, an annual feature of The Daily Randonneur that celebrates our favorite randonneuring goodies of the past year.

As we’ve been writing away, I took some time to think about other bicycle things that make our life great. One of them is ornaments! I love decorating our tree, and not just because of the delicious candy canes. It’s also because I like looking through our ornament collection.

Bicycle Ornament Collection

Some of my favorites are the cycling ornaments we have collected during our time together. They help remind me of all the fun Felkerino and I have on the bicycle together. It’s easy to fondly remember rides when in your warm dry home.

If you’re wondering about that last minute Christmas stocking stuffer for a cycling friend, why not consider a bicycle ornament?Little bicycle things hung on Christmas tree branches help make it extra special!

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