TDR Rando Photo Contest – Randonneur Lifestyle

Happy New Year, all! Last week, Felkerino and I launched the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest. This is a way for us to highlight all the awesome rides and and the people who rode them over the past year. The fabulous Gregg Bleakney is judging the Rando Photo Contest, and Felkerino and I are not eligible to participate. That would be a conflict of interest!

Nevertheless, I took a trip down memory lane of all the great rides from the past year. What would I submit if I could? Since I’m ineligible, I decided to post a few photos here from my own rando photo collection that highlight my personal favorites for each category.

First up, Randonneur Lifestyle.  This category features the high-brow lifestyle of randonneurs.

Here are the Randonneur Lifestyle finalists from my 2010 brevet photos.

DCR Fleche – Team Velo Espresso Gelato

This picture of our fleche team was taken in Gettysburg in the dark of night (probably around 11:00 p.m.), which requires the randonneur salute to block as much reflective gear as possible. I like the diner lighting in the background, the bit of reflective material that caught the lens, and the team’s expressions.

Scott G. on Day 3 of Endless Mountains 1000K

The picture of Scott in front of the convenience store was the first controle of Day 3 of the Endless Mountains 1000K. The sun has been up for maybe an hour. Just love Scott’s thumbs up and smile. Only 160 miles to go!

Felkerino and me, DC Randonneurs 300K. Photo taken by Chris M.

A romantic moment at a convenience store in reflective gear. How can you beat that? This was our final rest stop before the finish.

And I know I’ve featured these two lovelies below in previous posts, but for me these pictures represented the beauty of the 2010 brevets. Groups of people out riding and then taking the occasional break to sit on the pavement and have a drink and a convenience store  treat together.

DC Randonneurs 600K – Chris, Lane, Joe, Felkerino, and Dan
Day 3, Endless Mountains 1000K. Bill O., Bob H., Jon, Me, Christine, Bob O., Vytas, and Felkerino on the side. Picture by Andrew Mead.

Fortunately, I’m ineligible or I’d have had a tough time whittling it down to one photo!

Hope some of you are also taking the time to delve into your 2010 brevet memories and will send some photos our way. Rules are on the TDR site, and photos may be sent to gersemalina “at” We can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing this past year…

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