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Happy New Year!

To more coffee shop rides…

Romulus at Chinatown Coffee Co.

Commutes and fun rides…

Quickbeam fun ride on the C&O Canal

Surly LHT commute stop at the Lincoln

Maile and me, WABA 50 States Ride

Tandem rides…

Felkerino and daughter DF, Water Street

Ron and Barb on the Civil War 200K

Bob and son, WABA 50 States Ride

Felkerino and me, PA Stillwater 200K

Bike tours…

Bike Touring in West Virginia


DC Randonneurs 600K

Peter, Lane, and Felkerino, PA Randonneurs 200K

Kelly and Mary, DC Randonneurs 300K

PA Endless Mountains 1000K

And more good times with friends, family, commuters, and randonneurs.

Happy New Year, everybody!! Wipe the mileage slate clean and let’s get going on 2011!

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