Capital Bikeshare’s Christiania Bike

This week I saw one of the Christiania cargo bikes that Capital Bikeshare is using to service its Bikeshare stations. I learned about the Christiania bike through boxcycles, which imports the bikes from Denmark. The bike has internal gearing (7 speed, I think) and has disk brakes in the front.

I talked with the Bikeshare person, and forgot to ask how much weight he is pushing around town. I did learn, though, that they tend to use these bikes downtown and in areas that are not hilly. For example, you won’t see this guy going up Massachusetts Avenue!

In addition, the rider said there is an art to applying the brake pressure. If you apply too much pressure to one side, the bike will lean in that direction.

I carry a lot of stuff on my bike, but it’s nothing compared to what the Christiania bike will carry. I know that the Bicycle Space, in D.C. just started carrying them. Maybe I’ll have to head over there one day for a test ride!

Want to see more of the Christiania bike? Just click on the photo!


  1. they also use a BOB TRAILER

    right now I am building a BAKFIET
    started last week
    hope to be done this week

    it is really cutting two bikes in half and welding them together
    an artist friend of mine who is also handy around the house is guiding the project

    he is working on his second build as we work on mine
    I think that my product will be his best thus far

    that is… if we do not repeat any previous mistakes


    1. Yeah, I’ve seen that… but the Christiania is more interesting :). That said, I cannot imagine pushing it around town! Good luck w/ your buildup… you’ll have to post pics.


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