Raceyatarocco’s Populaire


Joel and Chuck

Originally uploaded by Gersemalina

What an awesome day in the Mid-Atlantic! Felkerino and I decided to take full advantage by riding a 102.8-mile populaire out of Frederick, Maryland. Our ride was an out-and-back course that took us on fairly gentle terrain through Frederick County and into Adams County, Pennsylvania. That means no mountains, ok? We’ll save those for another day!

Our ride was full of sun and temperatures that started in the mid-30s and rose into the mid-40s. Heaven! The warm conditions helped me revel in the beauty of the snow-covered landscape. It’s hard for me to appreciate snow when I’m freezing.

In addition, we coordinated our populaire with a small group doing a 200K Permanent that passed through the same area. Felkerino and I truly enjoyed the company. We’ve been doing a lot of solo riding this winter and it was nice to have riding buddies for part of the day.

Want to see what the ride was like? You know what to do… click on the picture!

A good weekend ride makes Monday at the office SO much better! Hope you were able to enjoy the day, too.

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