Commuting in the City: Bikes, Horses, and Tour Buses

Today, as I was riding along Ohio Drive between the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson, I came across the following scene.

Park Police and a Tour Bus

It looked so funny that I had to grab the cam and memorialize the moment. What are the U.S. Park Police doing? Is there something wrong with the bus? Do they wish they were driving the bus instead of riding horses?

U.S. Park Police

I hoped a closer shot would give me more answers, but I was wrong. It tells me nothing!

However, seeing these two horse mounted officers inspired me to learn a little bit about the U.S. Park Police, Horse Mounted Unit.  Created in 1934, it is one of the oldest “equestrian units” in the United States. A summary is here. The final paragraph of the write up notes that officers on horses are helpful for crowd control. Their height advantage intimidates and allows them to spot mischievous activity.

Maybe they are trying to intimidate the bus? Who can say? I got a good laugh out of this image, and wanted to share it with you. Just a little slice of life in the city!

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