Weekend Riding and Randonneur Hijinks

It was a fine weekend of riding for the MG/Felkerino household. We skipped the Saturday miles due to the crazy high winds beating up the Mid-Atlantic, but made the most out of Sunday and Monday.

Felkerino wrote up a nice report of our weekend here. However, there were a couple of things his writeup did not include that I thought you might enjoy.

1. Balaclava or Baklava?

During our lovely Sunday ride, we stopped for lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. As we were getting to the end of our meal, fellow rider George decided he was in the mood for a treat.

Desserts are pretty exciting to me, but this one was just the best.

What did George eat for dessert?

  1. Balaclava
  2. Baklava
George, Baklava, and Balaclava. 

If you answered “2. Baklava,” congratulations. You must be a real randonneur. By the way, George is posing for the photo. He did not eat lunch while wearing his balaclava.

2. Harpers Ferry and a Knight in Shining Armour

Later the same day, our riding posse passed through historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Crista, our ride leader, noted that we would pass a knight in shining armour. The knight resides in front of some old Harpers Ferry house. “It’s coming up on your right!” she shouted to us.

Felkerino looked on his right (which, incidentally, looked a lot like my left) and shouted back, “I see it! I see my knight in shining armour! It’s green and it’s beautiful!”

Felkerino’s Knight in Shining Armour

That Felkerino. What a funny guy.

While Felkerino immortalized his randonneur knight in shining armour, I looked to my right (the real right) and tried to get a shot of the knight I was pretty certain Crista was referencing.

The Real Knight in Shining Armour

Unfortunately, the knight is mostly obscured. These bike-by-shootings can be tough!

The Monday ride was much more sedate and randonneur hijinks minimal. That’s ok. We got our quota on the Sunday ride. Hope you had a great weekend, too, and enjoyed some quality time outside.

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