D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K Brevet

I had a great time this Saturday, making my way 128 miles from Urbana, Maryland, around the Catoctins and South Mountain on the D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K (full route description here). Felkerino and I had not ridden a brevet since November so it was fun to carry a card around on an official event with 67 other people.

I know Felkerino will be doing a summary of this brevet so I’ll leave most of that to him over at The Daily Randonneur. I’ll simply say that:

  • I did not like starting in 25-degree temperatures;
  • I liked my toe warmers;
  • I liked that the sun shone all day;
  • I liked that temperatures eventually warmed to the 40s;
  • I did not like the headwind in the first half of the ride (although, if you have to have headwind, I prefer it on the outbound);
  • I liked the draft off the captain;
  • I loved the tailwind in the second half of the ride;
  • I liked the homemade brownie I purchased at the KOA Campground control in Williamsport, Maryland (my post-ride reward);
  • I did not like the timing chain falling off four miles from the end of the ride;
  • I liked Felkerino’s 6-minute timing chain fix (my hero!); and
  • I liked riding with the group, reconnecting with people I had not talked with in a while, and meeting a few new people.

Overall, it was a day well spent on the bike. For a full set of our ride, check out my pictures here. And don’t forget to check out Felkerino’s summary, too!

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