Cherry Blossom Alert!

Cherry blossoms on Hains Point

What are you doing the next few days? If you are going bicycling in Washington, D.C., you MUST go to Hains Point and check out the cherry blossoms. I shouldn’t even tell you this because I like keeping the population on Hains Point a level below utter chaos, but the perky pink blossoms look so beautiful that I have to encourage you all to go ride among them. You will love it.

The blossoms are blooming away, but have not yet reached their peak. Soon, though, my friends. Then they will scatter like snowflakes and we will have to wait a whole year to ride among them again.

Felkerino and Cherry Blossoms

Weekday mornings are the best for riding Hains Point. Morning light, fresh morning air, no tour buses, and a few cyclists getting in their morning laps. It’s the perfect time of day for a cherry blossom ride. When you get to the office, you can’t help but be in a good mood after taking in all that beauty. SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone I told you that. It’s our little secret.

More cherry blossoms on Hains Point

See you on the Point?


  1. I went after work last night. Very light traffic and blossoms galore. I am hoping for nice weather on Tuesday morning for my Tidal Basin walk around before work. The weeping cherry (a long ago Mother’s Day gift for Mrs. Rootchopper) in front of Rootchopper Manor started to bloom yesterday. It’s about a week away from serious color though.


  2. So jealous! Wish I could shoot down for a pedal. Sadly, April is always such a busy month at school. One day . . . Keep posting the great pics. By the way – just got out today for my first ride since the accident and it was GREAT! All the best.


    1. George, thanks for your comment… someday maybe you can escape to D.C. for cherry blossoms. We’d love to ride with you! Also, that is such good news about your ride!!! Woo hoo!!!


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