reCYCLE Art of Bike Project in Takoma Park: Part I

A couple of weeks ago, Felkerino and I met up with a few friends and pedaled our way out of the District all the way to Takoma Park, Maryland, to tour the reCYCLE Art of Bike Project sponsored by the Old Takoma Business Association (OTBA). This bike-centric project consists of seven sculptures composed of (guess?) bike parts.

Eric, our tour leader, did a fantastic job of leading us around to the various installations found throughout the heart of Takoma. All of the sculptures are outside, making this a 24/7 must-see exhibit for all local cyclists. Ride your bike to go on a bike tour of the bike sculptures made of bike parts = yes!

To make sure no sculpture goes unseen, don’t forget to take this map.

I found some of the sculptures to be more on the whimsical side and some more conceptual.  I liked seeing all of them, but definitely had my favorites. Below is a preview of four of the sculptures you can expect to see if when you take your own trip there.

The final three will appear on this blog tomorrow, for Part II of the reCYCLE Art of Bike Project! Don’t miss it!

  • The Turtle, by Howard Connelly Design.

Abstract! A jungle gym gone reptilian in an industrial sort of way. NOT for climbing!

The Turtle
  • A Musical Bike, by James Colwell.

Whimsical fun. Interactive. For the kid, pied piper, and marching band member in all of us.

A Musical Bike
  • Germinating Seed, by Richard Lorr

Conceptual. Cool! Slightly intimidating. Botanical steel! If O’Keefe had done bike sculptures, she might have made this?

Germinating Seed and this bike rider I know
Detail on Germinating Seed
  • The Amazing Alien Egg, by Alison Baker

Retro! Whimsical! Kid-friendly! Quirky! Interactive! Phenakistoscope inside!!

Checking out the Amazing Alien Egg
Detail on the Amazing Alien Egg

There you have it for the first four. Tune in tomorrow for the final three reCYCLE Art of Bike installations. Also, if you have already been on your own reCYCLE sculpture tour, I’d love to hear your impressions.

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