reCYCLE Art of Bike Project in Takoma Park: Part II

As promised, I’m showcasing the final three sculptures of the public art sculpture project, reCYCLE. (Missed yesterday? Scroll down, dear reader.)

If you get a chance, it is worth a ride to Takoma Park to see the artists’ creations. Don’t forget to take this map when you go, though.

All sculptures are constructed primarily of bike parts and each one has its own personality and feel. This exhibit goes from now until October, at which time the pieces will be sold at the Takoma Park Street Festival.

Note: Just so you don’t think you’re reading the insights of a famous critic, all commentary that follows is by me.

  • Old Town Shopper, by Richard Lorr

Abstract, upbeat, prickly, and bold. If I was a bike sculpture going shopping, I might look like this except my head would be smaller and my fork arms longer.

Old Town Shopper
  • Mandala, by Robert Wertz

Awesome! Sparkly. A bike tour must-see. The Hope Diamond of the reCYCLE Art of Bike Project. Best U-lock EVER!

Mandala U-Lock
  • Wheels in the Sky, by Howard Connelly Design

Gigantic, statuesque, complex, interactive, something for everyone and bike parts galore!

Wheels in the Sky and Felkerino, too
Wheels in the Sky
Detail on Wheels in the Sky
Like the angel atop the Christmas tree, but it’s a BICYCLE!

And there you have it, folks. A glimpse at what the reCYCLE Art of Bike Project has to offer you. Now get out your bike, clip in, and go see it!

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