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My Reward for PBP Training: Little Package Cycling Caps

With Paris-Brest-Paris quickly approaching and the bulk of our training in the books, I decided to reward myself with a new cycling cap. Where did I turn for the perfect cap? Why, Little Package, of course!

I learned about Little Package via one of my cycling friends. After seeing his fancy cap, I decided I had to have one, too. I now have a small collection of Little Package cycling caps and I’m quite proud of each of them.

Little Package Paisano Caps

Little Package is a one-woman shop based in Oregon. Caroline, who is also a cyclist, makes all of her caps by hand and does excellent custom work. If you do not see a cap on her site that you like, contact her via email and she will work with you to create the perfect cap, sized just for your noggin. Is that cool or what?

For spring and summer riding, I’ve been particularly fond of Caroline’s Paisano caps. The Paisano cap is cotton with a four centimeter bill, which I generally prefer to a longer one. Not only are these caps stylish, but they fit perfectly under a helmet, stow away easily in a pocket, and most are machine washable, too.

Oh, and did I mention that she includes shipping in her prices? I love that!

During the summer months, I don’t usually wear a cap while cycling, but I love having one at the ready for those moments where my helmet hair is too much to bear. Just throw on a Little Package cap, and it’s like the helmet hair doesn’t even exist. Ha!

If you are in the market for a new cap or just looking for a little something special for your bike ride, you can’t go wrong with Little Package. It’s fine craftsmanship melded with an excellent aesthetic. AND when you purchase a cap from Caroline, you support a woman-owned enterprise, and that is awesome.

Want to see more of her good work? Check out her flickr page.

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