My PBP 2011 Photos

Hard to believe that last week at this time I was still riding my bike through the French countryside on Paris Brest Paris. Where does the time go, ha!

Finally, after a canceled flight to Dulles that required a re-route and a mighty drive from Boston (in a tropical storm, no less) I have had a chance to get my photos of the 2011 Paris Brest Paris up on flickr.

More posts about the ride itself are in the works, but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy a vicarious visual journey of this amazing ride. Just click on the photo to be taken to the corresponding set. Thanks to all who rode with us and made PBP one of the most spectacular rides in which I’ve ever participated.

PBP iPod Touch Pics

The iPod Touch pics consist of photos that I tweeted before, during, and after PBP. Some have been souped up with Instagram or Photoshop Express. These photos are a quick glimpse into various moments throughout the ride and Felkerino’s and my PBP trip.

PBP Day 1: SQY to Loudeac

Day 1, a 449KM ride from dawn into the rain, sunset, and lightning storms. The greatest number of miles I’ve completed in one go. Quite the adventure and I got to give my waterproof camera a real test. It passed!

PBP Day 2: Loudeac to Brest to Loudeac

Day 2. A “mere” 333KM ride out to Brest and back. I loved this part of the ride, but I must confess that the climb up the Roc Travezel and the route into and out of Brest did get a bit sloggy at times. No major rains, though, and that made me so happy. Don’t want to be testing out your rain gear every day!

PBP Day 3: Loudeac to Mortagne

Day 3. A picture-perfect day of 308KM from Loudeac to Mortagne. This is the PBP I dreamed about!

PBP Day 4: Mortagne to SQY

Day 4. More picturesque views of the French countryside and even more sun. Almost made the lightning storms and rain worth it. ALMOST! At 140KM, the shortest leg of our PBP journey.

I also have a set that includes some of the 80- and 90-hour starters as well as Bike Inspection. Check that set out on my flickr page as well.

Hope you all enjoy. Still have captioning to do, but my j-o-b and randonneur laundry keep impeding my progress in that regard. Also, if you see yourself or someone you know in a post, feel free to tag it or let me know via flickr.

More soon!!


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