PBP 2011 Ride Reports from Other Blogs

Hi, everyone. What have you been up to? I’ve been living the post-PBP dream, which mostly entails going to my job, dreaming about randonneuring, and recalling fun times at PBP.

Felkerino has begun to post some good PBP accounts over on The Daily Randonneur to help keep the PBP memories alive. I’ve also been doing some internet sleuthing of my own, seeking out other people’s PBP 2011 experiences, and came across a few standouts to share.

Roger en route to Carhaix
  • Rick Cosaro, of Chicago, has a thoroughly entertaining report of his first PBP attempt and his battle with Shermer’s neck over at his blog, Chasing the Endorphins.
  • A rider from the Westerly Cycling Club of West London shares the highlights of his PBP here.
  • Chris Ragsdale, of the Seattle Randonneurs, was the first U.S. finisher. His speedy account is at Seattlepi.
  • Tony Lonero, originally from Pennsylvania and now residing in Italy, writes about his MS diagnosis and his third PBP at UltraRaceNews.
  • A London participant writes about the expectations he had about PBP and whether the ride lived up to them on Stuff what I see and do.
  • An enjoyable writeup of the sights and sounds of PBP at the Bike Maintenance Company’s blog.
  • Rapha rider James Fairbank says never again to PBP. Find out why at the Cycling Tips Blog.
  • A Montana randonneur tells his tale of PBP at Belgrade Bobcat. Note the photo of our own Tom Reeder near the end of the account!!
  • A Seattle randonneur posts an engaging summary of the highlights of his ride over at If I Had a Bike Blog.
  • Flickr buddy Fabiorandonneur writes up his PBP story at his blog, Randonneur e dintorni. Sadly, it is in Italian so I can only muddle through the basics of his account and enjoy the photos (especially the one that includes Felkerino and me)!
  • John Lee Ellis posts a concise summary with good pics over at Colorado Brevet Series.
Courage!!! Guy Soudiere
I hope you enjoy them. Have one to add? Feel free to do so in the comments. Now it’s my bedtime. Think I’ll find a good PBP story to cap off the evening.


  1. Thanks to everybody who wrote such fine PBP accounts!! And thank you, Bob, for the referral to the rider account that passed Thai’s accident scene.


    • Thanks for sharing your blog link, Amy. My husband and I ride together so the ride preparation and execution is something we share as randonneurs.

      I’m interested in your perspective, because I am curious how it works for couples where one person rides brevets, but the other does not. It takes significant effort and time (not to mention cost) to prepare for something like PBP.


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