Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Swings Coffee. Alas, a DNQ

In the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the coffeeneuring destinations that Felkerino and I have been checking out, focusing mostly on my coffee experience.

I’m up to riding almost anywhere for coffee, but I do like knowing that the payoff was worth the journey. That’s another reason I look forward to hearing from all of you so I can learn about new places to patronize, whether they’re here in Washington, D.C., or some other place I might find myself someday.

My first coffeeneuring ride is disqualified from the Coffeeneuring Challenge, as it is only open during the week. I’m still writing about it, though, because it is my favorite coffee shop in Washington, D.C. If you go downtown between Monday and Friday, you should check it out!

Morning cup at Swings

Coffeeneuring DNQ: Swings. 6 miles.

Our regular weekday stop is Swings Coffee, at 17th and G, NW. I like Swings because they make good strong coffee that has excellent flavor. Not being a regular espresso or cappuccino drinker, I just want a strong and flavorful cup of black coffee with a smooth taste. Swings delivers.

Swings also plays fun tunes. Their musical selection is a mix of 70s favorites, including Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, and Boston. “Feels like the first time, doop be doop!!”

Swings also gives you no-nonsense service with a smile. They have no pretension or airs about coffee. The way you want it is the way they’ll make it, no questions or judgements.

Swings Summary:
1. Good coffee
2. Made your way.
3. No pretension.
4. Fun music and ambience.

Coffeeneuring on the Tandem

Like I say, if you drink coffee and are ever near the White House Plaza on a weekday, Swings is well worth a stop.

Hmmmm… where will Felkerino and I go next?


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