I know that few hours remain in our Tuesday, but I want to apprise you of something that is currently under way in the Twittosphere.

It’s #CyclingCapTuesday, the brainchild of Twitter users @travcaldwell and @SognRider. As the name suggests, #CyclingCapTuesday is the practice of wearing a cycling cap on Tuesday and then tweeting about it, using the hashtag #CyclingCapTuesday. I hope that wasn’t too complicated for you.

Cycling Caps: Decisions Decisions

I am slightly cap-obsessed so #CyclingCapTuesday suits me perfectly. Also, I usually ride my bike every day and often wear a cap, regardless of the day of the week. Still, #CyclingCapTuesday gives me a momentary escape from the daily grind and gives my commute a more festive feel. The past two Tuesdays, I’ve taken extra care in choosing my cap, knowing that I will share my selection with other tweeps.

Today, I selected my trustee purple and gray wool Octopus Cap. Octopus is based in Columbus, Ohio, and they make great caps. Just make sure to pay attention to the washing instructions, especially if your cap is wool!

Octopus Cycling Cap Panda

It’s cheap thrills to participate and to see what other cyclists wore for #CyclingCapTuesday. If you ride a bike on Tuesdays, why not wear a cycling cap, too, and be part of the fun?

#CyclingCapTuesday Tweets

Thanks for thinking up #CyclingCapTuesday, @travcaldwell and @SognRider. I’ve got a sizeable cap collection so I hope this creative Twitter trend takes hold!


  1. I only have 5 and my wife thinks that’s 4 too many. 2 wool caps with Surly logo by Walz, my SPP cap (of course) a Bontrager with sides long enough to cover my ears and my rain cap, covered in Park tools logos but it has nice stiff brim.


    1. I have a couple that are not my favorite “style-wise,” but they do such a good job on a ride. AND I must add that I should probably never tell your wife how many caps I have. Me? Yes, I have only one, ha ha!!


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