Coffeeneuring: the Challenge Rolls On

How was the weekend, everybody? Did you get out for a cup or two? I did, and I know I wasn’t the only one. A quick search through the tweets shows that several tweeps went coffeeneuring over the weekend. And what a lovely weekend it was.

Coffeeneuring for Cappuccino

Here are just a few of the recent Coffeeneuring Challenge highlights:

  • Justin Santos combined coffeeneuring and wineneuring during his weekend cycling getaway to Loudoun County via the W&OD Trail. 100 miles over two days. That’s coffeeneuring dedication. Sounds lovely, Justin!
  • Bike Style Spokane wrote an excellent piece about the heart and soul of coffeeneuring. Thanks, Bike Style Spokane. Read their take on coffeeneuring here.
  • George Swain is ticking off the rides and sharing his caffeinated summaries over at The Hudson Valley Randonneur, complete with apple cider cinnamon donuts. Jealous!
  • Mike Binnix is also getting in some good coffeeneuring miles. Read about the adventures at Chesapeake Sailor  In his post, Mike notes, “I may have committed a coffeeneuring foul. Chris snapped a picture of us at Caribou but I forgot to get one myself.  I will link to Chris’ photo when it’s up and throw myself on the mercy of the chief coffeeneuse.” Mike is not the first I have heard of to commit a coffeeneuring foul. The point of the photo is to prove you went to the coffeeshop so if you have another creative way to verify your coffeeneuring, I’m open to it.
  • Pedal ‘n Purl made it over to Chinatown Coffee for her recent outing.
  • Blogger and coffeeneur Porta-John somehow found time between his exploration of copious D.C. monuments to squeeze in a trip to Azi’s Cafe. John, you should get a National Parks Passport! Makes for excellent randonneur training!
  • Looks like a “new” blogger, bikesbytesbites, is joining in the coffeeneuring fun.
  • Finally, commenter “A Chap” (pretty sure that is not his real name) says that Saturday he rode for coffee, and Sunday he rode to get his haircut, making him a coffeeneur and a “coiffureneur.” Good one, though only the coffeeneuring counts :)!
Coffeeneuring Tweets

And that’s not all. Want to see what the tweeps are doing? Just go to Twitter and search coffeeneuring. Hope everybody is having fun with it and maybe even getting to know some new coffee places within cycling distance.

Now it’s back to the office we go (unless you were already back today). See you on the commute! And don’t forget. Tomorrow is #CyclingCapTuesday!

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