Some Coffeeneuring and a Populaire

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the people who completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge this weekend. Remember, you must e-mail me your submissions to gersemalina “at” Yes, even if I have been twitterspying on your adventures, you need to e-mail me your final submissions.

Due date to send in your coffeeneuring trips is November 2. I look forward to reading about your rides and the places you patronized.

NOTE: After you send me your coffeeneuring paperwork, I will send you a response. If you do not get a response from me, then I did not receive your submission.

Winter made a brief appearance this Saturday. I wasn’t expecting snow to be part of coffeeneuring, but it was for those who had to work in two rides this weekend. Eek! Not sure if I should say “I’m sorry about that,” or “Don’t procrastinate your coffeeneuring.” In any event, the coffeeneurs who braved inclement weather get a round of applause from me!

Felkerino and I did no riding on Saturday, but ventured out to Harwood, Maryland to ride a century with a few of our randonneur friends. Our route took us from Harwood down to Solomon’s Island and back.

Despite starting in the 30s, the day warmed up nicely, the sun kept us company, and the trees still radiated fall color. I have usually ridden in this area during the winter so seeing the trees in such a vibrant state was a nice change. It won’t be long until the leaves drop and we enter the more stark season of winter; I was glad we were able to work in a good fall ride.

Tree-canopied riding on Solomon's Shortie
Traversing the quiet Maryland roads

Our route took us by a McDonald’s, where we found this festive sign.

No Face Coverings!

Good thing it wasn’t a cold day or we would have risked not getting our McLattes! A few more pics of the ride can be found here.

Speaking of procrastinating, my partner in bicycling decided he would take up the coffeeneuring challenge, too. Felkerino decided to make his challenge extra exciting and waited until the last day of the challenge to do his final ride to coffee.

Because we rode a populaire that same day (which may not be combined with coffeeneuring), we had to do a separate coffeeneuring ride after we returned home. Who came up with these rules, anyway? Felkerino roped me into the coffeeneuring action with the promise of dinner after completing the coffeeneuring.

And so it was. With four hours to go, Felkerino completed his final ride with a double decaf espresso from Tryst. Well done, Felkerino.

Happy Halloween!

On a final note, Happy Halloween!!


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