Happy Randonneurmas Link Love

Hope everybody is doing well as we head into the holiday weekend. I’m currently drying out from an evening rain ride that was more than I bargained for. Now please do not make any remarks in the comment section if you claim to be one of those people who just loves riding in the rain. That is, unless you want to help me wash my now-dirty bicycle :).

Bicycle Ornament from my friend Courtney

OK, back to what I really am here to post about. LINKS!

  • Winter Solstice 200K. Our very own Bill Beck and Chip Adams ventured out Wednesday evening for a Winter Solstice permanent. They started at 7 p.m. and finished at around 5:30 a.m. These are what I like to call “concept rides,” i.e., they sound great to me in concept, but pulling them off is a different matter. They did it and it looks like they had fun, too, judging by the ride description and the photos.
  • Reporting Road Rage. Local blogger, Pedal ‘n Purl, endured an awful altercation with a driver this week, and smartly reported it to the police. Thankfully, she is ok, but still rotten to read about these kinds of things happening on our streets.
  • 2011 Through the Lens of an Endurance Athlete. The amazing Jill Homer reflects on the last 12 months in photos. Both an ultra-cyclist and ultra-runner, her photos and reflections from the year captivated me.
  • Bicycle Art.  I stumbled across the cycling artwork of Magical Octopus this week. I enjoy the quirky illustrations and captions, and hope you do, too.
  • Embracing the Suck. In Over Your Head interviewed Leo Babauta about his experience at a running-based endurance event (the Goruck Challenge). I saw parallels to randonneuring.  I also found the discussion about the need (or not) for goal-setting thought-provoking.
  • Reflections on Randonneuring. Iron Rider looks back on some of the people he’s gotten to know through randonneuring the past couple of years, and what he learned from them about being a randonneur.

Time to sign off and wrap a few presents. Happy Randonneurmas, everybody, and thanks for reading!

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