Link Love

The Brewvet starts today. Details on portajohn’s blog. Thinking about PBP? Here’s an excellent article from the Central Florida Regional Brevet Administrator to help determine which start time might be best for you. It was a tough go at Trans Iowa V11 this year. Six Coopers has a report of her attempt, and ImagineGnat took some incredible photos. The annual Monument to Monument century ride from Baltimore … Continue reading Link Love

Link Love

CycleStuff, Father Christmas Doesn’t Do Drops. A father-daughter chat on a bike ride. Self-Deprecation and the Female Cyclist. Machines for Freedom writes about why women cyclists put themselves down and how it can affect their riding. Ironjen and Muskrat, Our Walk in the Woods. A formerly D.C.-based couple who also ride bikes are tackling the Appalachian Trail this year. They just made it through Georgia. Do What … Continue reading Link Love

Link Love

The Written Ride, Voices In My Head. “In fact, there is a constant stream of little, flitting thoughts running through my head that really don’t amount to much at the end of the day. It is kind of like a dream state where the mind runs free and is not held accountable for its thoughts. Honestly, it is one of the great things about cycling.” … Continue reading Link Love

Link Love

I used to do a “Link Love” every so often. This feature is simply sharing some of the posts or articles I’ve recently read that I think might be enjoyed by Chasing Mailboxes readers. Today I brought Link Love back with the gems that follow: Endless Velo Love, Transportative Bicycle. “Bicycles are an interesting machine. They have the power to transport physically, emotionally and mentally. Such simple contraptions, yet if open to … Continue reading Link Love

Friday Link Love: Long Ride Edition

Happy Friday, everyone. We’ve made it through another week. Go team. It’s been quite a while since I did a Friday Link Love post, but this week I’m bringing it back. Without further ado, here are some of the good things I’ve been reading of late. Tour Divide While I can never imagine riding the Tour Divide, I have a fascination with the event. This … Continue reading Friday Link Love: Long Ride Edition

Link Love Monday: Spring has Sprung Edition

Hope you escaped outdoors to enjoy some of the amazing weekend weather. Yowza! Welcome Spring! I’ve been doing a little blog catch-up reading and found some good things to share. I couldn’t wait until Friday so they’re going up today. Please enjoy. Biking in Heels, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, just happened to be walking by as Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington was getting under way. Perfect … Continue reading Link Love Monday: Spring has Sprung Edition

Link Love: No Time to Waste Edition

Hi, everybody. Great day out there today in D.C. The moon keeps showing its cheery crescent self and the stars peer brightly, even downtown. Found some good stuff to share with you, too. Check your bone density, but don’t freak out. Randoboy writes about a recent trip to the doctor and the adverse effect endurance cycling can have on bones. He’s still pursuing his bliss, … Continue reading Link Love: No Time to Waste Edition

Link Love: Another Day in Paradise Edition

What fantastic weather this week. Made for some lovely night riding. The sliver of moon illuminated while you could still see its fullness in shadow, suspended over the Lincoln Memorial on a clear night? Stunning. I only took a photo with my mind cam so you’ll have to trust me on how gorgeous the scene was.

It's really the geese who run this town.

Things worth checking out on the interweb this week:
Continue reading “Link Love: Another Day in Paradise Edition”

Link Love: Six More Weeks of Winter Edition

Life’s been pretty good in this neck of the woods lately. I even had some time to do a little blogosphere reading. Here are the highlights: Local Blogger Turns One! Tales from the Sharrows, who regularly taps out two posts a day– one to document his commute in to work and another to capture the return home– celebrated his first full year of blogging this … Continue reading Link Love: Six More Weeks of Winter Edition

Link Love: Data, Photos, DIY, and Time Machine Edition

It’s already mid-January. How are your 2012 resolutions coming along? One of my resolutions is to read more in 2012, and while I originally intended that to refer to books, I am currently applying it more to blogs. Here’s what’s been on my screen of late. Mining the Capital Bikeshare Data. Coffeeneur and local cyclist JDAntos is taking full advantage of the usage data Capital … Continue reading Link Love: Data, Photos, DIY, and Time Machine Edition

Link Love: Getting Reflective Edition

It’s been a great week out there in creative writing cyberspace, and I have some excellent content to share. What are you waiting for? Read on! Reflective Vests. Gypsy by Trade, who currently calls Alaska home, writes about the importance of the reflective vest. He even made his own. Reflective vests– so critical to wear, so hard on my vanity.  Gypsy by Trade put a new … Continue reading Link Love: Getting Reflective Edition

Link Love: Happy New Year Edition

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a link love post, but the blogosphere has been busy in the meantime. People have posted some good stuff for us: Bike Find. Spokes of a Wheel writes about a lovely vintage child’s bike from the 1970’s that found  that found its way from Switzerland to his bike shop in Vienna, Virginia. Disrespect in the Bike Lane. … Continue reading Link Love: Happy New Year Edition