Rides for All Seasons

Or so it’s felt the last three days. From temperatures in the 60s, 40s, and today’s dip into the 30s with snow, it’s been quite the climate roller coaster here in the Mid Atlantic.

Alec rounds the bend on Last Train from Clarksville
  • Saturday – Last Train from Clarksville 201K Permanent

Saturday’s too-good-to-be-true weather had anybody who ever pedaled out and about. Felkerino and I, along with a few friends, decided to carry cards and ride Crista B.’s “Last Train from Clarksville” 201K permanent. The route took us through Maryland rollers, up to Fairfield, Pennsylvania, and back.

Even though our group enjoyed rather warm weather, Last Train from Clarksville is a good winter permanent, as it offers up about 7,600 feet of climb without any major climbs. That means you get a good workout, without overheating on the ups just to freeze on the downhills. I found myself working pretty steadily the entire ride.

Lane says, “I give this ride a thumbs up!”

Another reason I enjoyed the ride so much was that another D.C. Randonneurs group had ridden a populaire from Mt. Airy, Maryland, to the same midway point in Fairfield. We exchanged group pictures, stories about our ride, and exclamations about the fantastic day.

D.C. Randonneurs on the Populaire
D.C. Randonneurs on the Permanent

I also enjoyed checking out the bikes everyone chose for the day’s adventure. In particular, I admired this Trek 330 Elance. I had not seen one before.

Trek 330 Elance

I took several pictures of the bikes as well our ride, and you can find them here. Felkerino’s set is also up on flickr for your viewing pleasure.

  • Sunday – Coffeeneuring Ride through Rock Creek Park

After 125 miles of fun in the sun on Saturday, Felkerino and I took out our Rawlands on Sunday and coffeeneured to Bethesda via Rock Creek Park.

Felkerino on the Rawland in Rock Creek Park

The handlebars look gigantic, but note that these are normal handlebar size, just dramatized for effect (or plain distortion) by my point and shoot.

Our coffeeneuring destination was Quartermaine Coffee Roasters in Bethesda. We decided to go there because of the coffeeneuring writeup by the @whatsupwheaton team of Tara and Simon. My coffee was excellent and Felkerino said his espresso was “very good.” We looped back home via the Capital Crescent Trail, which was busy, but not overcrowded.

  • Monday – A Quick Blast of Winter on the Commute

After enjoying a Saturday in the 60s and a Sunday in the 50s, today I rode home from the office in mid-30s with a little blanket of snow covering the ground. The snow’s steady dripping off the trees onto the slushy grass made for a meditative riding soundtrack.

Surly and snow on Hain’s Point.

I decided to extend my commute with a quiet lap around Hains Point. While there, I came across at least six foxes. The roadies may own the Point during the summer, but in the winter the foxes are king.

There you have it, folks. Three seasons in three days. Back up to 50 tomorrow (so the weather people say). See you out there.


    • It was great riding. Get thee back to Hains Point! The cold makes them come out in droves, though that is the most I’ve ever seen at one go. Usually, I just see one or two. They must be slowly taking over the golf course!


      • Flappiness improves visibility and flair. I remember you had a highly visible (and stylish) vest this past spring. Was it an Altura vest, from a trip to the UK?


  1. Hey! That’s my Trek! What a nice surprise to see your own bike gettin’ the love :D. Thank you– I love that critter muchly.


  2. Nick… Good eye! Yes, it was an Altura vest. My friend picked it up for me. I’m not sure about your use of the word stylish, but I really like that vest!


  3. Flattered that you took our Quartermaine suggestion — it’s a fun little corner of bicyclists and caffeine fiends of all ages and sizes, especially in the summer.


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