Whatevering Rides

Seduced by Speed

I have always seen road bikes as superfluous and silly, the toy of transport for the self-indulgent– those who ride for exercise, sport, and speed, with little interest in practicality.

The Furlough, Fall Events, and a Marathon Taper

Taking the topic away from coffeeneuring for a moment, I wanted to post some thoughts about three separate, yet interrelated, topics: lions; tigers; and bears. Or really: how I spent my furlough days, the impact of the furlough on the fall event plans, and my marathon taper. It also gives […]

Shutdown Diaries: Leesburg Loop via the C&O

To help manage my shutdown anxiety I have spent the last couple of days away from the television, the computer, and the depressing barricaded and closed areas of downtown. I’m also trying to get in some exercise. After all, I want my work clothes to still fit when this $%&! […]

A Visit to Bikes@Vienna on the Leesburg Loop

Over the weekend Felkerino and I meandered from home to do what we call the “Leesburg Loop,” a 90-ish mile ride that starts in D.C., crosses the river into Virginia and takes the Custis and W&OD Trails to Leesburg, winds around to White’s Ferry for a quick ferry ride across […]

Century Ride: D.C. to Buckeystown, Maryland

Sunday was a perfect day to be a bike rider. Since Felkerino and I consider ourselves bike riders, we went outside and rode our bike most of the day. We departed from the District and steadily made our way north past the Lincoln Memorial, through Georgetown, and out to Maryland.

The Weekend Warrior

Like many people in this town, I work in an office environment Monday through Friday. I spend lots of time in front of a computer or sitting in meetings. Lots. For over 40 hours each week, I sit. And sit. And sit. To compensate for my largely sedentary work life […]