Link Love: Six More Weeks of Winter Edition

Capital Bikeshare visits the Lincoln

Life’s been pretty good in this neck of the woods lately. I even had some time to do a little blogosphere reading. Here are the highlights:

  • Local Blogger Turns One! Tales from the Sharrows, who regularly taps out two posts a day– one to document his commute in to work and another to capture the return home– celebrated his first full year of blogging this week. Imagine how tired those fingers must be! It’s been a treat to follow his velo adventures through Washington, D.C., this past year.
  • Bikes, GPS, and Art. Yes, you can have all three in one. A Baltimore-area cyclist and teacher proves it with his rides and GPS tracks. Could one of our brevet routes ever resemble one of these tracks? Pretty creative.
  • Sprung Saddles and Leather Grips like you’ve Never Seen Them. Apparently, they’re not just for bikes. They work on teeter totters, too!
  • Shebicycles and the Utilitaire 12. I’m starting to see Utilitaire tweets and posts, which makes me so so happy! Shebicycles wrote up a lovely summary of the challenge and started her Utilitaire 12 quest this week with a visit to the local bike shop.
  • Our Cities and Our Well-Being. The Atlantic Cities blog had a thought-provoking piece this week about a study that examined how cities can enhance our well-being/happiness. Places that foster social connectedness correlated to happier people living there. The study didn’t mention #fridaycoffeeclub, but then again, I only read the abstract.

Time to get the pedals turning for one more day of work and then… the weekend!

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