Link Love: History Lesson Edition

How was your week? Did you get in some good riding? I mixed life up by throwing in some run-commutes. It made for a nice change of pace. Also, my perspective is lower to the ground when I run, which makes me feel like I’m in a booster seat when I transition back to the bike.

Erik, of Bicycle Space, on his Pashley

I’m sure you’re happy to know that. Now, on to the links.

  • Our Velocipedes, Ourselves. This week, I learned of From Wheels to Bikes, a blog that covers the history of bicycling. Articles, photos, books, reviews of books about bicycle history. It’s a treasure trove of bicycling’s rich past.  The author, who is a librarian by profession, wrote about how he finds  the great stuff he does in this post.
  • Ringing Your Bell is Ok with Miss Manners. Can you believe it? Miss Manners weighed in on the acceptability of dinging your bell around pedestrians. Verdict? It’s perfectly acceptable!
  • Vegan Ultra-Athletes. Peter, over at Ready for Plan B, has been inviting people to share their stories of becoming or being vegan. In this post, an ultra-runner talks about how he became a vegan and the benefits he’s reaped from it.
  • The Civil War. This week, The Atlantic released a special edition of some of its writing from the Civil War. Included in the issue is a riveting piece by William Parker, a freed slave who escaped from Anne Arundel County, Maryland, to Pennsylvania. His story of his flight and the slavecatchers who pursued him took place on familiar terrain to those of us who regularly ride and/or live around this area.
  • Women and Bike Fit. Bina Bilenky recently wrote an article for Embrocation Cycling Journal about the secrets to women finding a comfortable fit on the bike that also maximizes power. It made me want to get out my tape measure and overanalyze my saddle setback.


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