Link Love: No Time to Waste Edition

Hi, everybody. Great day out there today in D.C. The moon keeps showing its cheery crescent self and the stars peer brightly, even downtown.

Felkerino pedals past the Kennedy Center

Found some good stuff to share with you, too.

  • Check your bone density, but don’t freak out. Randoboy writes about a recent trip to the doctor and the adverse effect endurance cycling can have on bones. He’s still pursuing his bliss, though.
  • More haircuts! Porta-John impressed me with his 11-destinations outing this past weekend. That’s a lot of stops! I was additionally excited to see he a haircut in the mix. And on a sidenote, what is all the fuss about Downton Abbey?
  • Pugsley World Championships. Oh yeah, and guess where they took place? Decorah, Iowa. Photos of the event here.
  • Too hot (or cold) to ride? Capital Bikeshare stats man JDAntos is at it again with another post about CaBi’s usage and its relationship to temperature. Good stuff coming out of this blog, and I don’t just say that because he’s also doing the Utilitaire 12!
  • Day at the museum. Speaking of the Utilitaire 12, shebicycles recently crafted a beautiful post of a recent visit to a museum.
  • A little more history for you. An 1891 love song on the topic of bike racing. Excellent illustrations on the back cover of the piece, too. Thanks to Rambling Rider for finding this one.
  • Cycling and fear. Some good analysis about what keeps people from adopting bikes as a form of transport from Girls and Bicycles.
  • Eyebombing. I thought it was all about yarnbombing these days, but apparently eyebombing is finding a place on the urban landscape, too.

That’s all from Chasing Mailboxes D.C. headquarters. Have a great weekend, all!


  1. I love googly eyes so much. 🙂

    And Downton Abbey is a very pretty soap opera with high brow aspirations. Netflix was my dealer for the first season and I am a confirmed junkie.


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