#30daysofbiking Roundup

For the past couple of years, I have heard about the social media cycling phenomenon known as 30 Days of Biking. The point of the activity is to ride your bike every day in April. Then tweet, blog, or share it somehow on the interweb. Pretty simple, no?

#30daysofbiking Panda Shot

I decided to join in the fun and began the month of April with gusto, tweeting pics of my rides and tagging them with the #30daysofbiking hashtag. I even began a flickr set.

Work got busy, the brevet season kicked in, and my organized approach to #30daysofbiking went right out the window. I continued to participate, but not as tweetily.

I commuted with Felkerino:

Felkerino by the Lincoln

Took a few panda shots:

Every day is a good day for a panda shot

Rode with the zombies:

Bike lane zombie

Spent some time riding with the D.C. Randonneurs:

Living the randonneur lifestyle on the DCR Fleche
Warrenton 300K Brevet with Christian, Rick, and Felkerino

And I certainly can’t forget one of my favorite bicycling destinations, #fridaycoffeeclub:

Friday Coffee Club
Departing from Friday Coffee Club

I tracked my miles and days of riding, and my totals for April ended up as follows:

  • 26 days of biking
  • 894 miles ridden
The riding fell out into the following activities:
  • 1 fleche (238 miles);
  • 1 300K brevet (189);
  • 2 centuries;
  • 19 commutes; and
  • other miscellaneous stuff.

I’m happy with that. I took four days off the bike because I didn’t feel like riding and figured why fight it. I ended up walking those four days instead, which I’ve also heard is good for you :).

Most of all, I enjoyed 30 Days of Biking because I liked checking in on the rides of other tweeps and bloggers. It’s cool to see where we all ride and how we use our bikes, be it for transpo, utility, sport, or a mix of all three.


    • It’s the benefit of that mild East Coast weather. Looking forward to your fleche story! Some pretty territory in that area.


  1. Congrats on finishing! The zombies are awesome. I was actually really surprised at how many miles I racked up, considering that I personally didn’t do a lot of long rides.


  2. Thanks for all the zombie love. They’re getting big brainless egos from all the compliments! Shannon, I enjoyed following your 30DaysofBiking as well!


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