Ride Photos: Capturing the Moment

Since 2009, I’ve regularly carried a camera with me. Like the other essentials in my purse/pannier, I never know when I might need it.

Seeing Bill Beck (king of the randopaparazzi!) and Felkerino‘s ride photos inspired me to start taking my own camera on brevets and other rides. Yes, Felkerino and I are regularly on the same bike, but the way we see and photo the ride often varies.

For example, Felkerino is good about getting pre-ride shots. I’m happy to just be awake and upright before a ride begins. He also loves the brevet panda. I consider it one of his signature shots. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A: Felkerino’s signature shot montage

Recently, a couple of my ride photos received some attention.

First, a picture of our randonneuring friends Alec and Lane at last year’s Old Rag 200K was featured on the Spring 2012 cover of American Randonneur.

American Randonneur cover photo

This pic reminds me of rolling smoothly through pretty Virginia countryside on quiet roads, enjoying a good ride with friends.

Last week, my panicked photo of an airborne canine from the Warrenton 300K brevet was somehow picked up by flickr’s Explore. Explore showcases the top photos of each day from its flickr members. I’m not totally sure how it works, but it prompted an explosion of hit counts on this image.


This ambitious puppy received almost 1,600 views over the past week, and some pretty funny comments.

Being featured on Explore was an unexpected treat, especially because when I ride, I’m not carrying around a sophisticated camera. It’s just me and my waterproof (at least it used to be until I dropped it several times) Sony TX-5.

Pedaling into the morning with your friends, having a dog spring out of the bushes and chase you at lightning speed while you pedal frantically and simultaneously try to push the shutter button… it’s only possible by bike.

I’m so glad that Bill and Felkerino inspired me to get out there with my own camera.

The American Randonneur cover and Explore shout-out reminded me of what unique experiences we have when we’re on our bikes. It’s a way of being in the world that many people do not regularly experience. Though they should. Riding a bike is awesome!


  1. I always love seeing your photos, as well as Felkerino’s and Bill’s, post-ride. They all tell such great stories from different perspectives.

    I’m sad that my copy of American Randonneur never made it to me (some weird mix-up with my address), but I’m glad your photo made the cover!


    • Dear Lisa,

      Please contact us (RUSA editorial committee) at editor AT rusa.org . We’ll verify your address and get you a copy.


      William M. deRosset
      Fort Collins, CO
      Editor, American Randonneur


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