Coffeeneuring Week 1 Roundup: Let’s Get it Started

Week 1 of the 2nd Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge has already come and gone, with lots of people taking time out of their weekend for a bike ride and a tasty beverage. In the D.C. area, temperatures dropped significantly over the weekend, making the urge to coffeeneur to a toasty spot for an equally toasty beverage quite palatable.

Last year, people coffeeneured from the East and West Coast, and as far north as Alaska. Looks like we are covering some broad territory in this year’s challenge, too, with participants from D.C., New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Masschusetts, Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

Shoes Coffee in Leesburg, VA

Below is the round-up of what I’ve seen and know about.

  • A motley crew of coffeeneurs (who also randonneur, incidentally) gathered at Insomnia Coffee in the Portland, Oregon area. Tangobiker, the ultimate coffeeneur, was there too! Lynne took this great meta-coffeeneuring photo of their outing, and Susan writes about their experience on Small Engine, Big Tank.
  • It looks like a number of Pittsburgh riders have begun the challenge! One of their coffeeneurs sent me a link to the Bike Pittsburgh forum, which shows a lively exchange of potential coffeeneuring destinations as well as several coffeeneuring writeups and photos from participants. Go, Pittsburgh, and many thanks to Dan B. for getting the word out!
  • George S. over at Hudson Valley Randonneur and one of the original 12 coffeeneurs was out on his bike this weekend. Read about his visit Mud Puddle Coffee in New Paltz, New York, here.
  • Suze Cycling, of Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts, has a lovely writeup about her first coffeeneuring outing.
  • Georgie, of the Pennines in the UK, managed a 30-mile ride for coffee and pie (yum!) on a beautiful fall day. Coffeeneur vicariously via her blog post.
  • Rootchopper, aka “I’m a coffeeneur and I’m ok” is off to a strong start in the Coffeeneur Challange, eeking out Ride 1 and Ride 2. (Some of you may recall his Utilitaire pursuits were full of mishaps that prevented him from completing that challenge.) Keep it up, Rootchopper!
  • Ottawa, Ontario, resident Katy C. was the first I knew to complete a coffeeneuring ride, as her weekend occurs mid-week. She talks about the spirit of coffeeneuring as well as her outing here.
  • Brave New World and coffeeneuring: I bet you never thought you’d see those two paired together. Literary critique, a bike ride, and coffee all rolled up into one on this post by anything but the car, who I believe is also out of the Pittsburgh area.
  • Cycleboredom, of the D.C. area, has crafted a modified version of the challenge. Having followed Cycleboredom for quite a while, I confess I’m ecstatic he’s giving the challenge a go, as the man has a passion for bikes and an affinity for a fine cup of coffee (or in his case, espresso).
  • The coffeeneur duo, @whatsupwheaton, of Wheaton, Maryland, have returned to coffeeneur again this year. @bicyclebug, of Washington, D.C., is too. Welcome back to the challenge!
  • Aerochick, of Wilmington, Massachussetts, put in two coffeeneuring outings over the weekend. Her first outing was to Atomic Cafe and the second to Gingerbread Construction Company. According to her post, she resisted the lemon-filled muffin on her second outing. Really? I don’t have that kind of willpower.
  • Steve, a year-round cyclist in Madison, Wisconsin, who writes the blog Singularitas, went out on a 50-mile coffeeneuring venture with a few friends. Result? A Mexican hot chocolate. Yummmmmm.
  • Keith, who goes by the handle @noteon on Twitter, family coffeeneured. I got a big kick out of seeing this pic of his kids, particularly the one still wearing his helmet and fully engaged in positioning the straws just so in his beverage.
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia, is also represented in the challenge, with Bobby Orr heading up a coffeeneur group there. One of their trips was to Bad Ass Coffee Company. Hope the coffee lived up to its name.
  • runtheburg says he’s doing it. Keep an eye on his blog here.
  • Vannevar, aka Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist, is another past coffeeneuring champ who is back for round two. On one of his recent rides, he used his coffeeneuring destination to help him confront a hill that he’s been avoiding. It would seem like Pittsburgh would have plenty of those hills.
  • Mike, of Edmonton, Alberta, rode to a couple of Tim Hortons with a few of his friends over the weekend. Fall looks to be further along up there, with leaves starting to show bare branches. See his reports on Cruisin’ Downhill.

If you do not see yourself listed and you are sharing your coffeeneuring via Twitter, don’t worry (yet, anyway), as I’m going to do a separate post featuring coffeeneuring tweeps.

Coffeeneuring will make you good at math

If you’ve got something to add, or have been out coffeeneuring and wrote a post about it, please share a link and/or a note in the comments section.

Also, if you are not on Twitter but you are on Facebook, you can share your coffeeneuring photos on the Chasing Mailboxes Facebook page. So far, only on person has done that (thanks, Jason!). Who doesn’t love looking at photos of latte art and bicycles?

Thanks to everyone who is participating. And for those reading who may be undecided, you still have time to jump into the coffeeneuring fray if you have not already or are feeling undecided. In case you missed them, the Coffeeneuring Challenge details are here.


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