Happy Halloween from @ZombiesDC

Those who don’t follow me on Twitter may not know about some new companions who came into my life earlier this year.


One day, without warning, four green creatures showed up at my doorstep.

Their intentions were clear. They wanted my BRAINS and they wanted to live in Washington, D.C. I said no to the former and yes to the latter. Most days, I think they’re ok with the compromise.

I’m climbing the U.S. Capitol, King Kong style!

Usually, the zombies wile away the days inside my cubicle.

Even though the food of their nightmares is BRAINS, they’re resigned to drink tea while trying to make sense of the teabag messages.

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” Heck, I don’t know what it means. Why should I know what it means?

The zombies also eat the snacks my coworkers bring for them to munch on.

OK, zombies. Someone needs to start talking.

Every once in a while, they escape with me to explore the city.

SURPRISE! Let’s go find that @SharrowsDC guy!
Oh happy day! The Exorcist Steps. YAHOO
Where is the BRAINS cupcake?!

For the most part, the zombies are too small to cause trouble, but they do get into some embarrassing mischief.

I don’t know why we’re doing it. @girlonabikedc told us to.
I still don’t get it. Why are we photocopying our butts again?
I like this picture MUCH better than the photocopy of our butts.

At first, I tried to get the zombies to pack their bags. I worried about the D.C. residents’ safety.

Ha ha! I’m pushing all the buttons in the elevator!
It’s all fun and games until some zombie’s head comes off.

Fortunately for D.C., though, the living move faster than the undead and the zombies haven’t caused the city much of a problem. There’s enough going on here that they blend into the wordwork.

Washington City Paper, tourist edition (AND zombie!)

The zombies demanded a special blog post in recognition of their favorite holiday so, in a moment of weakness, I acquiesced. It’s in my best interests to stay on their good side.

Live for each other… or something like that.

Happy Halloween, everybody, from ZombiesDC (and me too)!


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