Coffeeneuring: The Final Countdown!

Hard to believe, but we’ve reached the last full weekend of the 2nd Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge. Submissions have started coming into Chasing Mailboxes headquarters, and I see through the tweets and blog posts that people are in the final throes of their coffeeneuring quests.

I’ve included some photos from the Tweets as well as a rundown from the blogosphere.

Crysb goes to Qualia (c) Crystal B
  • ultrarunnergirl and her hubz went on back-to-back coffee outings, one in the dark of Saturday night and the other in the early hours of Sunday morning.
  • Accupuncture and a latte: Singularity writes about trip number 6.
  • Animal footprints in the snow. Winter has arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. See Cruisin’ Downhill’s report of his coffeeneuring.
  • A cloudy day in the Pacific Northwest? Believe it! Keithmo visited the Snohomish Bakery, and I’m jealous.
lanternerouge with a cup of joe and a molasses cookie (c) Sara Houston
  • Maggie’s Buns is a real establishment (tee hee!) and Lynne went there. Another mouth-watering trip.
  • Is it possible to suck at coffeeneuring? Cycleboredom thinks it is. His funny account here.
  • Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo blogged his recent coffeeneuring trip, featuring lots of Tweets tweets Tweets tweets.
  • The coffeeneuring dates continue on Iron Rider’s blog, this time with poetry.
raouldejongh, I want that cookie. (c) Raoul de Jongh
debiguity gets a good helmet, coffee, AND bike shot. (c) Deb Durant
  • The photos of baked goods are killing me, and Suze Cycling’s pictures are no exception. Two more trips to go!
  • Incognito coffeeneuring! Port-a-john and Crysb both coffeeneured to the same place at the same time, but didn’t see each other.

A few coffeeneurs are ready for their victory laps, as they’ve already finished the challenge. So far, I know of seven finishers and I look forward to several more. The coffeeneurs who’ve completed their outings will be featured in a future post.

Until then, keep on coffeeneuring. AND have a great weekend!


  1. Unfortunately, KidA and I had to cut our coffeeneuring short due to illness and injury (both mine). But I’m enjoying these posts and am compiling a list of places to visit when I’m able to bike (!) and drink coffee and tea (!!!) again.


  2. I haven’t had a chance to ride to poutine yet, but I will this Sunday, as the Poutine Ride is back on! And we’re going to have lovely weather for it, too. And I will have coffee at some point, so I will finish the challenge. Whether I will write it up before or after the 14th, when my marks are due, depends on how much procrastinating I want to do.


  3. Now that I’ve got my seven in (yay!), I’m wondering what is next?

    How about a Super Coffeeneuring Challenge? I was thinking about this on Sunday after I finished Control #7. It’s your concept of course, but I was thinking to be considered a Super Coffeeneur, with all the rights and privilidges that goes along with it, the rider has to complete 48 trips in one year. That’s roughly one per month, but allows room for “stuff” to get in the way. All the basic rules would apply.

    However, It might be tough for folks in more rural environments to find that many different coffee shops in one year within reasonable riding distance, so perhaps a relaxation of rules might be that you can’t visit the same shop again for two months, maybe three?

    Good idea, dumb idea?



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