The Weekend Warrior

Like many people in this town, I work in an office environment Monday through Friday. I spend lots of time in front of a computer or sitting in meetings. Lots. For over 40 hours each week, I sit. And sit. And sit.

To compensate for my largely sedentary work life I bike commute, pepper in midday runs, hit the gym, and go post-work whatevering when I can. These brief bursts of activity help me feel more balanced about my office job and less guilty about sitting in my desk chair.

Photo by Felkerino
Photo by Felkerino

The activities also give me a regular connection to other like-minded souls in the city. A smile or wave of recognition from another cyclist or runner sustains and energizes me.

In the layers of my mind beneath the daily deadlines, projects, and household responsibilities I plot my weekends. I visit weather web sites for the latest forecasts. Sunny? Hot? Rain? Wind? Tell me everything and please be accurate.

Photo by Bill Beck
Photo by Bill Beck

I ponder the adventures Felkerino and I can pack in over two days. Where will we ride? How far should we go? Hilly or rolling? Local or remote start? So many rich choices to consider.

I wonder what it would be like to have more flexibility, and the possibility to ride or run for broad spans of time whenever I wanted, as opposed to it being a weekend treat or an occasional vacation. Would I actually ride more? Run further? Or would I not, knowing that the opportunity was always there?

For now I content myself with being a weekend warrior. I sit placidly at my desk, and contemplate where my wanderlust will take me next.

That was fun. Time to get ready for Monday. Photo by Bill Beck
That was fun. Time to get ready for Monday. Photo by Bill Beck

Friday afternoon arrives and I am off with my feet steadily hitting the pavement and beyond. I’m glad for my life. The weekend warrior adventures fill my soul and help me relax a little more comfortably into that office chair when Monday arrives again.


  1. Thanks, Mary- I really enjoyed this post. I, too, am a weekend warrior. I so often dream of endless travel- just bike touring for years on end, through-hiking whole continents, etc- but then I don’t go. Not because I couldn’t, if I really wanted to, but because I choose to stay. I like my job, my house, my friends, and the security of medical benefits and a steady paycheck. Still, sometimes the sirens of long term travel sing out to me. So far, I’m still tied to the mast, (mostly) content with my short-term adventures. Glad to know I’m not alone.


  2. That sooo resonates with me!

    I’m about to undertake my first 200K dart this Saturday, which is my first really big ride since I was hurt nearly a year ago. I’m definitely looking at it as an adventure. I too am mundane cube dweller in my day to day life.

    My team is climbing Mt Diablo and the temperatures could hit the 90’s! That’s the thing about Brevets, you can’t just say “Oh, it’s too hot! Lets just do it tomorrow.”

    But I know the struggle will make for some epic memories, and that is going to sustain me for weeks to come as I sit my office chair collating TPS reports…


      • Had to DNF 😞, but gave it a good go. By 11 am, it was 90 degrees and I couldn’t maintain the pace. I was holding my teammates back, so I told them to go on. Later they encountered 115 degree heat and also DNF’d. Out of 17 teams, only 10 finished the ride officially, but most made it to the finish.

        That kind of heat is not usual around here. Hopefully, more pleasant weather for the next event.



  3. [Off topic, but I love the bike + dress + shoes combination in the first picture – beautiful! ]

    I’ve been working freelance for the past 2+ years, but still spend a lot of time sitting and staring at the computer. The upside, is that increasingly the people I work with are also cyclists and occasionally we’ve combined meetings with rides. Hoping that trend will continue!


  4. I, you might say,had, mostly, an opposite dilemma as you have. When I was employed I worked in retail clothing. Which means to say, I stood on my feet for what seemed to be endless hours on end. 10,12,14 hours a day. Standing, walking, walking, standing. Oh, yes of course, I did get to sit for 1 hour each day while I took my lunch. Now I am retired. I’ve been among the unemployed for about 19 months. The one thing I do mostly these days is.. yes.. sit..!! I sit for hours at a time. In fact, I find myself quite surprised to realize I’ve been sitting most of my day. No, not on my recliner, or living room sofa. My favorite seat just happens to be the saddle upon my Bike..!!
    Very, very nice post. Do enjoy your writings very much..!!


    • I love it! I can’t imagine the opposite side of the coin– standing for so many hours. Congratulations on being retired and being able to pursue the riding!


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