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Back in Washington, D.C.


It was rough to return to regular life this week after eight straight blissful days of the bicycle life in Colorado. I missed the open road with stop signs few and far between. I missed full days in the sun, and the steady progression over mountain passes. Lo’ our bike tour was wonderful.

After today’s workout, though, I started to see the upside of our trip and being back to business in Washington, D.C.

If I hadn’t ridden more than 700 miles over nine days of riding, I would not appreciate all the time I sat working at my desk these last days.

All of the bicycling made me super happy to slip on my running shoes and head out to clomp around on the city streets. And I didn’t forget how to run while I was gone, either.


If I had not spent all of last week riding through the summer heat of Colorado at altitude, I would not have been so readily acclimated to the hot weather that hit the D.C. area this week.

Without the conditioning from our awesome vacation, I would not have been able to get outside a few days this week for a midday run around the Mall. I would not have been asked for an interview by a local reporter who said they were doing a story about “people who exercise in extreme heat.” I declined the interview (because I was exercising!), but it was fun to be asked– unless they were really covering “nincompoops who exercise in extreme heat.”


Nine straight days of riding tandem meant a happy return to riding my Rivendell Quickbeam around town. I’m starting simple, by steering a single speed. So far, I have not forgotten to clip out at a stop sign once. Go me! Maybe next week I’ll graduate to a bike with gears.


Being away also helped me see the city with fresh eyes. I saw they put in new flowers in one of the flower beds near the Capitol.


I found a perfect post-work oasis where I lingered and soaked in a rare moment of solitude.


Yes, I confess a part of would rather be on vacation still. But all in all, it’s good to be back home in Washington, D.C.


  1. Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. Thanks again for taking us along on your adventures. What else do you have planned for the summer?


    • Colorado was the big summer bike trip. Not sure what else we have in store, but I guarantee we will be riding as much as we can.


  2. I loved reading your posts, with some envy and much vicarious climbing up and soaring down, while you were in CO. Also, just in case anyone who reads your blog and is inspired asks, “where can I get a cool tandem?”, send them to Phoenix Bikes in Arlington. I was there yesterday and they’ve had a couple donated, as well as a couple of those kangaroo things for kids … Keep up the great riding, running, and writing!


    • Thanks, Kelley! Nice to hear about Phoenix Bikes having a couple tandems. I still need to stop by and check them out. Have heard a lot of good things about them.


  3. I feel curiously refreshed just reading this post.
    It’s not the heat, it’s the code orange air quality. Be careful out there! Had a friend who disregarded a code red to play frisbee one day and he had lung issues for awhile after that.
    Wherever your secret spot is? Looks like Heaven.
    Great seeing you this morning at Friday Coffee Club!


  4. What a great photo – the one with the reflection at the National Gallery. There is something great about that little space, something very washington dc actually, including the waterfall down to the cafe below that is somewhere out of the frame. Seeing a sort-of self-portrait there, with the trees and blue sky, is pretty neat.
    Anyway, thanks for all your writing. Inspired by yours and some other blogs, I’m riding longer and longer distances, and one day will do a brevet or two.


    • Yeah, I really like that spot. In a way, it reminds me of that area where there are cobbles by EPA and Federal Triangle. Look forward to seeing you on a ride sometime!


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